Ecstatic Angel

Dear Angel!

Don’t you feel like an angel? Aren’t you an Earth Angel who has come to planet Earth to be a channel for Divine Love and Light? This is what makes you shine! When you surrender to the sublime bliss of supreme consciousness, you become an ecstatic angel! On this journey of conscious awakening, empowerment, alignment, etc., you intended to embody the full presence of the Divine Love which breathes through us all.

So, what are you needing now to help you on your journey of Ascension?

On your journey of S’elf-Realization, you will discover the infinite joy which Creator has provided, whenever you accept It into your self-awareness, and re-discover who you really are. Allow yourself to remember how loved you are, how precious you are and how free you really are to create a more elevated experience of health & wholeness.

Connecting our hearts & minds, our bodies & souls, renders us “One with the Eternal Sun”. This is one way of saying that we are all traveling through Eternity with Infinite possibiilites at our fingertips. Just like Glenda said in the Wizard of Oz, you had the power within you all of the time. So we have daily practices to stay aligned with the Divine. We have community to share our values and aspiration of peace & prosperity, creative self-expression and the freedom to love & be loved as we pursue our Life Mission, to give the Gifts we came to give.

Choose one of our many Ecstatic Angel programs to make the next leap forward as you level up to your Highest Ecstatic Potential.


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