Teresa’s ECSTATIC LIFESTYLES Coaching & Consulting Programs are tailor-made for YOU, and address your relationship goals, wellness concerns, and spiritual growth.

Weekly sessions provide you with her loving & laser-focused support.

Each week, you’ll celebrate what’s working in your Life and discover solutions for your perceived challenges.

Coaching-by-phone is only one part of her program. You will also be able to attend her workshops & retreats, meeting like-minded people who enjoy the same topics which are important to you now.

As part of every program, Teresa also creates an ACTION PLAN for your reference, so you always know where you are, as you explore the many Ecstatic Lifestyles.

As a holistic life coaching program, Teresa addresses every facet of your Life, so you may truly experience ECSTATIC LIFESTYLES.

Select one or more of the following modules to create your personalized program:



Ecstatic Angel – Cultivate your inner peace & serenity as you explore your spiritual development, intuition, and soul-centered Life.

Ecstatic Dance – Discover the most fun way to exercise today! Teresa will accompany you to classes or assist you in finding a class. near you.

Ecstatic Design – Allow Teresa to help you create your rejuvenating space with her interior decorating skills, using classic Feng Shui principles.

Ecstatic Love – How’s your Love Life? Ready to take it to the next level? Feel the ecstasy of manifesting your ideal, vision of Love!

Ecstatic Makeover – Whether you want to update your image, conduct a wardrobe inventory, learn you seasonal colors, this Makeover will absolutely delight you!

Ecstatic Wellness – Whatever your wellness goals, Teresa will be your coach & consultant to address the many facets of holistic health, which allow you to explore truly Ecstatic Lifestyles.


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