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ECSTATIC DECOR Sacred Space interior Designer Decorator ~ Imagine painting a pink room for your goddess temple. Sacred spaces for interiors inspire your decorating ideas for daily meditations. This is the path to Ecstatic Lifestyles, living like an Ecstatic Angel with her Ecstatic Muse, helping her express at her Highest Potential. Using feng shui wisdom, intuitive interpretations of your stated objectives and lifestyle sensibilities, I will design the sacred space in which you will flourish.

Ecstatic Decor presents SACRED SPACE Interiors ~ Using ancient formulas of Chinese Feng Shui,contemporary techniques & principles of interior design, as well as my well-honed experience of exquisite angelic, Reiki decor, aka Ecstatic Decor, I provide sublime interior design for your home temple or sacred space. Having worked with churches, yoga studios, chiropractors, computer companies, spa resorts for Spa Feng Shui, clinics, and of course estate owners, I have studied the finer points of magical spaces which help residents and visitors attune to their Higher Self, in divine alignment with their soul’s calling.

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First, we assess the square footage of the space, then the purpose for the space. Next, we brainstorm the thematic development, which in turns intrinsically suggests particular color palettes, motifs, and materials. This is how the interior or exterior design literally takes shape. As a color consultant, there are literally millions of colors, and discerning the best shade, based on color choices, lighting, and coordinating with furnishings, I help you make definitive choices which will delight you for years to come.

Using the auspicious principles of ancient Chinese observations about landscapes,  contours and lighting, water features, and the five elements, we decipher the matrix of your personal galaxy. With over 20 years experience, this is my pride & joy, to create magical spaces which relax, inspire & enlighten both adults and children to feel an immediate sense of well-being in their environments. Color is primary, but then placement of furniture comes after the site is selected and rooms are assigned their unique purposes.

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