Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance and other similar types of dance and movement, such as, 5 Rhythms, Barefoot Boogie, Dance Spirit, Sweat Your Prayers, Dance Church, Dance Jam, et al., are popping up across the globe as an alternative to yoga. This dance meditation practice provides men and women a safe, smoke-free, alcohol-free space to explore conscious movement, with tribal or upbeat music. These “classes” or “events” can be found by searching the internet for your preference & the closest large city near you.

My first experience of this came years after I began my dance training. Though I still adore Modern, Ballet, Pointe, African, Flamenco, Cha Cha, Salsa, and most ethnic dances, Ecstatic Dance and it’s variations provide an enlightening option to move your body, connect with your heart & soul, and calm your mind. I choose Ecstatic Dance as a Spiritual Practice because of my dance background, but mostly because it feels to energizing, safe, uplifting, community-oriented, and intoxicating.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, Ecstatic Dance or other dance practice, can really lift you up to your highest good and contribute to your Ecstatic Lifestyle. Our hi-tech world keeps too many of us on the computer and sedentary. Our hopes & fears keep too many sitting and not moving forward in their lives. This practice of free-style dance, where technique and competition are removed from the experience, inspires & heals our body, mind, and spirit.

Teresa offers Ecstatic Dance Workshops in addition to helping you find free-style dance classes and events.

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