Ecstatic Lifestyles is a Life Coaching program, dedicated to bringing you the leading edge of conscious evolution.

Every woman needs her private space, a room of one’s own, at least. With the right “feng shui” (design), you have a “sacred space”. This private, sacred space will rejuvenate you, guide you, and inspire you, every day! With the right self-care, you have a Life you love. Now, it’s time for you to get the support you deserve and level up to a better echelon of being.

Personal growth & community building are essential for sustainable networks of people who share a vision of fulfilling our human potential. Your Life Coach, Teresa, offers classes, workshops, social events, retreats, coaching programs, adult education, wellness products, books, podcasts, all natural personal care products, community outreach, fundraising events, enlightening entertainment, and more.

Explore this site & tell us what you think. We welcome your questions, comments, & suggestions.

Teresa has been a Life Coach for over 20 years, helping men and women attain their full potential for Ecstatic Lifestyles. Helping you manage wellness goals, relationship goals, and spiritual development is her passion!

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