EcstaticLifestyles.com is dedicated to bringing you the leading edge of conscious evolution.

Every goddess needs her temple, a room of one’s own, at least. With the right feng shui, you have a sacred space. With the right self-care, you have a Life you love. Now, it’s time for you to get the support you deserve and level up to a better echelon of being.

Personal growth & community building are essential for sustainable networks of people who share a vision of fulfilling our human potential. Teresa offers classes, workshops, social events, retreats, coaching programs, adult education, wellness products, books, podcasts, all natural personal care products, community outreach, fundraising events, enlightening entertainment, and much more.

Explore this site & tell us what you think. We welcome your questions, comments, & suggestions.

Teresa has been a Life Coach for over 20 years, helping men and women attain their full potential for Ecstatic Lifestyles. Helping you manage wellness goals, relationship goals, and spiritual development is her passion!

This all began after Teresa was bedridden from a work-related injury. It took 10 long years to overcome that injury and again work full-time. The tedium of managing symptoms, health care providers, family feelings, and personal growth in the face of adversity, provided the inspiration to help others facing life-changing conditions.

Years later, Teresa also overcame the loss of several immediate family members, both her parents and two of her three brothers. The grief, anxiety and depression which she bravely faced were dissolved as she again applied her holistic methods for her own healing.

Living in the 21st Century requires re-humanizing for ecstatic states of being. These ecstatic states of being are the next level of human potential, infusing ecstasy with universal consciousness, which is unlocked as we align our chakras and balance our attention.

Being courageous is only part of the equation of healing & empowerment. Being patient, persevering through multiple challenges, holistic lifestyle choices, and choosing success & joy combined to be a winning formula for optimal living. You see, a healthy, happy, loving, prosperous life requires a combination of modalities as well as developing & sustaining new, healthy behaviors.

Most of Teresa’s clients have been Fortune 100 Senior Executives, who recognize the value of personal growth, eco luxury, & sustainable relationships. They are the leaders, ready for transformation. Weekly sessions make all the difference. Coaching-by-phone provides a confidential & convenient support for you to establish the right rhythms for optimal health & well-being, to create a truly ecstatic lifestyle for your personal fulfillment.


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