Ecstatic Lifestyles are Healthy Lifestyles

You meet people occasionally who have a twinkle in their eyes, a spark in their personality, a glow around them, they light up the room with their smile, their laughter is contagious, and you notice them. Whether or not you appreciate their joie de vivre says something about you.


Years ago, during a meditation, this phrasing came to me:

“What’s your purpose?

How deeply can you love yourself?

Keep breathing, remember the Light!”

Contemplating the meaning as I said the words during subsequent meditations, I learned to relax with my growing Joy. I had healed enough and created enough space & safety in my Life to live in Joy on a regular basis.

How about you? Would you like to experience Joy more often?

As a Lifestyle Consultant who specializes in relationships, well-being, and spiritual growth, I help men & women cultivate conscious lives of purpose & ecstatic joy.

We don’t have to be ecstatic every day, but it is possible to live Life on an even keel most days, pursuing our goals & making our heart-felt dreams a day-to-day reality. This takes patience & practice, but the rewards keep you engaged on this life-changing journey.


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