What’s going to improve your Love Life?


Hi Everyone, I’m planning my Fall Program of RELATIONSHIP as SPIRITUAL PRACTICE Classes (including a Maui retreat) and wondered if I could inspire you to answer one simple question: Based on these titles, which of the following programs are you most likely to enroll in (and why if you are comfortable  enough to state) ? Even if you don’t think you would actually enroll in any, please suggest one or two, thanks!
a. Executive Dating Coach: How to Date the Opposite Sex
b. Female-Led Relationship: New Paradigms in Harmony
c. GoddessBliss: Honoring the Empowering Feminine
d. Evolving the Masculine & Alchemy of Attraction
e. Mystic Lover: Ancient Secrets of Divine Union
f. Mystical Feminine: Reclaiming the Sacred
g. Path to the Beloved: Relationship as Spiritual Practice
h. Relationship as Spiritual Practice Other than Romance
I. Alchemy of Attraction: Cultivating Emotional Intimacy
j. Healing the Healer: Waking up as a spiritual being
k. Honoring the Masculine & Expressing the Feminine
L. Understanding Gender Differences
m. How to Date for Marriage
n. How to Please your Wife
o. Understanding Your Husband
Thank you!
Teresa Foxworthy
Path to the Beloved: Relationship as Spiritual Practice
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